ASSIAKARA is your new...

Genderless brand

Because whatever your gender identity, you have the right to wear whatever you want! 👗👖👚 Here, there's one catalog : the one for cool people. If you are one of them, you will for sure find the clothes of your dreams! More details here

Body inclusive brand

The size system is a thing of the past! At ASSIAKARA, clothes are made to measure, to sublimate all bodies! Together, let's fight against gender dysphoria 💖 Discover how it works here !

Eco-friendly brand

Made in 🇧🇪 by my little hands, with a maximum of recycled, recycled or certified materials! You can see all of my commitments for the planet here !

Les commandes finissent dans...

The story of a girl who wanted to degender fashion

Être une marque engagée en 2024

Créer des vêtements pour tous les corps et pour tous les genres, c'est la BASE!

Mais comme ce n'est pas suffisant pour que chacun-e-x aie le droit de s'habiller comme iel l'entend, ASSIAKARA va plus loin.

Sur ce site, tu trouveras une série de contenus (vidéo, textes, base de donnée, podcast) pour t'éduquer ou éduquer les autres sur les discriminations liées au monde du vêtement!

le sur mesure, c'est la base!

Everything is made to measure here !

ASSIAKARA is a brand that advocates radical inclusivity : whatever your body, whatever your gender, you'll find something for you here !

You choose the garment of your dreams and I make sure that it fits like a glove!