Does size matter? 🍆

Buying clothes online is always risky when it comes to choosing a size. Even more in genderless fashion, it becomes really complicated to make sure the garment will fit us.

But it's all over now: thanks to 3D drawing, I create a custom avatar, fit the garment on it and adjust the pattern directly. So you order a garment that is perfectly adapted to your body, and not the opposite anymore!

Clothing for all genders, for all bodies 💪

When I wear my ASSIAKARA clothes, I ALWAYS have comments.

- Layla

Super comfy and great look.

- Camille

The ASSIAKARA sweater gives me that "je ne sais quoi" without putting aside my desire for quality ... plus I have a story to tell ... I can't wait for the next purchase!

- Marthe