Discomfort People


It's my passion, and it has now become my slogan! Since the start of my fashion career (10+ years 😱), I have given myself a mission: question certainties. Basically, if it's already been done, I'm not interested!

With my brand, I want to disrupt the world, shake up fashion and even surprise those who thought they knew me 😇

3 questions asked by my community!

assiakara créatrice mode vetements non genrés marque no gender genderfluid non binaire

Who are you?

In short, I like to say that I'm just a girl who comes from Liège, a city that thinks it's a star but nobody actually cares, a bit like me 😅

PS: as a gift I offer you my most beautiful face!

ASSIAKARA mode non genrée genderfluid vêtements marque no gender inclusivité diversité

Is ASSIAKARA your real name?

YAAASSS! Sometimes people ask me where my brand name comes from and I'm always super proud to say that I was born with it and that I bear it proudly!

Why do you have Tokyo's hair (from La Casa de Papel)?

LOL, firstly, you should know that I am absolutely not a fan of this series (sorry 🙊). Ok, I admit, my haircut looks a bit like hers, but in fact, I was mostly inspired by Miley 💖 who has been my #1 style icon for a few years!