Privacy policy

The purpose of this Charter is to provide precise information on how the data received by "the brandASSIAKARAare used, processed. We will review the procedures put in place to protect privacy, how you can intervene at any time and what controls are in place to ensure strict compliance with this charter. We do our best to meet customers' expectations of the products and services we provide, including protecting their personal data by using information provided in confidence responsibly. The person responsible for processing information and Data is Miss Assia Kara, whom you can reach by email (

This charter applies to the collection, management and use of your data by the brandASSIAKARA. We are pleased to inform you that we have taken the necessary steps to comply with the R.G.P.D.
As a matter of principle, we only ask you for information that we need to best meet your needs. The main reason for collecting your personal data is to enable us to deliver the items ordered to you.
Respecting your privacy is a priority for the brandASSIAKARA. We are aware and attentive to your right to be informed about the way in which the data and information likely to identify you personally ("your Data") are processed, that you are likely to provide to us or that which we have been led to collect. This Privacy Policy explains how we use your Data and the measures we take to preserve its confidentiality and security.


  1. What "data" do we collect?

We collect your contact details such as your identification data (surname, first name), your postal address, possibly the delivery address, your e-mail address, possibly your mobile phone number... We also save the data obtained by through third parties or through contracts, contact forms, payment data, orders, etc. Any other data provided by you (e.g. your measurements) is also collected.
We also keep track of your orders placed with the brandASSIAKARA.
We may also collect data about you when you use our social networks.
Generally, these data are requested by any means (telephone, email,but all…) and you send them to us with full knowledge of the facts.


  1. Why do we collect this data?

Mainly, your data is used to be able to satisfy your order as well as possible.
On the other hand, we could use your data to invite you to events, festivities, workshops, to inform you about our promotions, our news, about news likely to interest you, for direct marketing or to create profiles. . The creation of profiles allows us to communicate much more targeted and useful information to you.
If you do not wish to receive our newsletters or information on our services, our specific actions, you can unsubscribe at any time without having to justify your decision. All you have to do is send us an e-mail or contact our establishment. You will only receive electronic direct marketing communications if you have given your explicit permission. You can also unsubscribe from direct marketing communications at any time and at no cost.


  1. Database management

You can have access to your data at any time upon simple written request from you. We will book a suite within 7 working days.
All personal data is managed by La marque. This data may be transmitted to our subcontractors, as long as it is useful for carrying out their mission. Apart from this, only the data manager has access to and management of the data collected.
In order to be able to collect the data of our customers, we have chosen to keep a register as suggested by the Regulations.


  1. Duration of retention of your data

The brandASSIAKARAonly keeps your data for the time deemed reasonable and necessary in relation to the purposes pursued previously, namely 10 years after your last order, except for data requiring different storage.
At the accounting level, your data is kept for 7 years.


  1. Transmission to third parties

At no time do we sell or rent your data to companies or people outside of The BrandASSIAKARA, or entities related to it in one way or another. Our company, as well as its partners and subcontractors treat your data as confidential information.
We may use an external intermediary. This implies in particular that for certain tasks, your data is temporarily transmitted to third parties. If we do so, we always ensure that your data is treated confidentially and used securely. In all cases, we undertake to do so contractually with these intermediaries.


  1. The right of access, rectification and opposition of your data

You have rights in connection with this collection: a right to access, correct and delete your data.
To do this, you simply need to make a clear request to the Trademark ControllerASSIAKARA, in which you mention precisely what you want to see, correct or erase. Depending on your request, we reserve the right to request that your application be signed, dated and accompanied by a copy of the front of your identity card. If you want us to delete your data, you must also specifically motivate your request. If these conditions are met, the brandASSIAKARAwill proceed with your request as soon as possible and will inform you, unless considering that your request for deletion is contrary to legal requirements (example: your details relating to accounting).


  1. Modification of the Privacy Charter

The brandASSIAKARAreserves the right to modify this Charter in order to comply with modifications, adaptations, legislative developments relating to the protection of privacy data. It is your responsibility to regularly consult the Charter where the said adaptations will be dated at the end of the text.

Updated version of 29/12/2021.