Shipping policy

TL;DR: I count a maximum delay of 5 weeks between the moment you provide me with your measurements and the moment you receive your order at the address indicated during the purchase. This time is necessary to create the custom pattern, order the materials, make the garment, pack it and send it.
This is a maximum delay (your garment may therefore arrive sooner) in a "normal" situation. In case of force majeure, natural disaster, strike... I am not responsible for any extension of this period. However, I undertake to communicate with you as soon as possible in order to keep you informed of your order.
Details of the clauses below:
  • 1. Payment for products is made in accordance with the payment methods offered when placing the order online.

The sale price indicated in any offer, estimate, website or any other agreement issued by ASSIAKARA is subject to modification until acceptance by the customer, which makes it final, except in cases of force majeure. The delivery is the responsibility of the customer and is possibly re-invoiced separately.
The prices are denominated in euros, including VAT. Any increase in VAT or any new tax that would be imposed between the time of the order and that of delivery will be borne by the customer.
The prices agreed between ASSIAKARA and the customer are based on the prices of raw materials, wages, social charges, transport costs, contributions... at the time of the delivery of said prices. If one of these positions were to undergo an increase before or during the execution of the contract, ASSIAKARA has the right to adapt its prices without notice after having informed the customer by mail (electronic, fax or post). As a summary, an order confirmation will be sent to the Customer.

  • 2. The customer is free to opt for a secure shipment. Otherwise, ASSIAKARA is not responsible for loss or damage to products during delivery.

The customer designates the precise place of delivery. He must ensure that the means of transport can safely reach and leave said place of delivery.

Delivery time after shipment is 3-6 days.

During this delivery, the customer is responsible for any damage caused both to the equipment delivered and to the means of transport during the transport of the products from the public highway to the determined location.
The products are delivered free of charge by ASSIAKARA to the agreed place of delivery, during working hours, unless specific and express mentions are made by the customer. The delivery documents are presumed to represent the fair value of the quantities supplied by ASSIAKARA. If a package is not received despite the 2 passages of the carrier, it must imperatively be removed by the care of the customer within the establishment of ASSIAKARA.
If the product ordered cannot be delivered within a reasonable time, ASSIAKARA will inform the customer by e-mail or any other means made available to it, of the approximate delivery time. ASSIAKARA reserves the right to cancel all or part of the orders concluded with the customer in the event of failure of a supplier or manufacturer and in cases of force majeure. Customers will be informed if necessary and will be reimbursed if they had paid for the order.
In all cases, the goods ordered will be stored for a maximum of 4 weeks on behalf of ASSIAKARA, but at the customer's risk. Beyond this period, ASSIAKARA is entitled to resell these goods without any possibility of recourse or compensation on the part of the customer. The customer is then liable for all additional costs, including storage costs and any additional transport costs.
In the event of delivery outside Belgian territory, the customer will carry out all the administrative procedures himself (customs duties, import taxes, etc.) with the competent authorities of the importing country. ASSIAKARA does not in any way engage its responsibility in the event of non-compliance with the rules of the country concerned. The client assumes full and entire responsibility for carrying out the appropriate procedures.