Made to order / made o measure

We all have different and unique bodies. However, the fashion industry puts us into boxes according to our gender and size. Even brand that try to be body positive fidn themselves classing people following arbitrary norms.

How about celebrating our differences, our individualities and all these little quirks that make our body unique?

ASSIAKARA's clothes are only made to order and made to measure.

💸 looks like something expensive !

Nope, thanks to CAD and 3D simulation tech, I can fit a garment in a few clicks!

🔎 How does it work?

It's simple :

Once you complete your order, you receive an email with all the indications to take your measurements (everything can also be found there);

I create an avatar based on your measurements;

I fit the garment on it ;

You receive a garment made for you, from A to Z !

Clothes are based on the measurements communicated by the client. If a mistake happens while taking the measurements, the garment may not be returned.