Made to order / Made to measure

We each have a unique body, different from everyone else's. Yet, the industry puts us into boxes, according to our gender and our size.

How about celebrating oud differences, our individualities, all these distinctive features that make our body unique?

ASSIAKARA's clothes are only made to order and made to measure.

💸 looks like an expensive process !

Nope, thanks to computer -aided design and 3D simulation, I can adjust a garment to your size in just a few clicks !

🔎 How does it work?

It's very easy :

  1. 1. After pre-ordering, you receive an e-mail with all the information to take your body measurements, according to the garment you chose (you can even find all the info here !) ;
  2. 2. I create an avatar matching your body perfectly ;
  3. 3. I fit them and select the best size, adjusting what is necessary for a perfect look ;
  4. 4. Max 5 weeks later you receive a garment 100% designed for you ! ;
Clothes are based on the measurements communicated by the client. If a mistake happens while taking the measurements, the garment may not be returned.