What if clothes didn't have a gender?

Since the beginning of my fashion career, I've been lying to myself. I always believed that I should stay in women's fashion, more colorful, freer, more fun. And one day, I wondered why?

After all, as a feminist and big supporter of LGBTQIA+ rights, didn't my vision of clothing also participate in reinforcing gender norms that I was actually trying to deconstruct?

It took me some time, but I finally understood what I could bring to fashion 💪

Deconstructing gender norms

A skirt, a pair of pants, a sequined dress, a tuxedo ... In fact, all those are just pieces of fabric. Whether you are a woman, a man, non-binary person, agender, or anyone else ... we have the right to dress as we want 💖

An acceptance of ALL bodies

No distinction between genders does not mean denying morphology issues. On the contrary, it is about celebrating all body shapes, going a step further than "you're a girl so you have boobs". This is where the tailor-made comes into play: whatever your garment crush, it will be adapted to your body, and not the opposite anymore.

Freedom for all ✊

If each of us can wear what they want, being assured that the garment will fit perfectly ... then finally, we can no longer consider fashion as a tool that is used to put people in boxes, but instead as a way of expressing oneself without constraint. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?