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Zoom on the killer details 👀

Edges finished with a ribbing, extra comfy!

The signature print, of course!

assiakara créatrice mode vetements non genrés croptop sur mesure manche toucher marque no gender genderfluid non binaire

A unique sleeve construction

Made in Belgium with 💘

ASSIAKARA's clothes are simple but not basic. Each design can be adapted to any kind of body and can be sewn easily, so that the final retail price remains "affordable" yet the garment is made locally.

Ethical and ecological commitments

A committed brand must have commitments ! Because a fashion brand always impacts its environment, no matter what. To limit the negative impacts and maximise the positive impacts, I took a few measures...

đŸ§‘â€đŸ€â€đŸ§‘ Ethical

Produced in Belgium

Transparency though the whole process

Partners who respect humanity

đŸŒ± Ecological

No overproduction

Using eco-certified or second hand fabrics

Minimalistic and biodegradable packaging

👐 Inclusive

Genderless clothes

Adapted to any kind of body

"Affordable" prices