2 girls, 2 packs

This story begins with a straight girl who makes commited fanny packs. One day, she meets a lesbian. And then? They decide to collab to create the Gouine Bananas an ode to lesbian pride 💗

After this first successful collab, they did it again with a new idea : the Queer Banana 🏳️‍🌈

Mélanie and Assia worked together every step of the way : from the first draft to the finished product, it's a real collaboration ✨

A revolutionary wave

Melanie had the idea to paint the LGBTQIA+ and lesbian flags in the form of a wave. Pretty, innit? And as ASSIAKARA is indeed a commited brand, she handpaints each bag 🖌️ She also sews them in her workshop in Liège (Belgium) and the fabrics are leftover tarps. We figured, since we're inclusive, we might as well respect our ecological engagement 🌱